Diversify the Library


[ dih-vurs, dahy-, dahy-vurs ]adjective
  1. of a different kind, form, character, etc.
  2. of various kinds or forms
  3. including representatives from more than one social, cultural, or economic group, especially members of ethnic or religious minority groups

School libraries should not only have diverse collections of books, but should also be diverse spaces that allow a variety of uses. Different areas can be arranged to promote learning essential skills. Learning Resources can be your thought partners in designing your space to reflect how your school can use the library for many purposes in addition to reading and research.

Contact Learning Resources for help with planning and resources.

Reimagining Spaces Examples

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Designing Library Spaces

Use these online Room Planners to plan your space. Contact Learning Resources to get a blueprint of your library with measurements.

Wayfair Room Planner

Online Room Planner